Who I am

My name is Damien (some friends call me miendo).

I’m a 34-year-old web developer, happy father of two little girls, husband, DJ, music-addict, technophile living near Brussels, Belgium.

I like to define myself as a “web developer with an eye for design“.


I started building websites in 1998. If you do the math, that’s almost 15 years ago.

Many things have changed since then. Witnessing this evolution has been fascinating to me. This experience (15 internet years ≈ 1000 real-life years) allows me to have a more global view to sense what really matters (and what doesn’t) on the web.

Belgium is a small country, full of talent. I have worked at several great places here, meeting awesome people and developing an extensive network of skilled professionals to partner with.

Denali (2001-2006)

That was my first internet-related full-time job. I was responsible for slicing and HTML/CSS coding at Denali, working with a team of software engineers on Java-based applications (Apple WebObjects).

EMAC2 / Shake (2006-2010)

Then came EMAC2, which later became Shake, where I worked as PHP web-developer and also doing a great deal of HTML/CSS slicing.


I started part-time freelancing in 2007, besides my full-time employee job. Since then, I always knew one day I would be a full-time freelancer. And that day came in 2010.

As much as I loved working at Shake, I think there is nothing more rewarding than working freelance. Of course it requires even more work and dedication, but that’s precisely what drives me!

Oh, did I mention I love my job?

Want more? Check out my LinkedIn profile, it has all the details you want to know.

On a side note…
  • I used to be an Adobe Certified Expert (CS3 Web Developer certification).
  • I read many, many tweets, but I don’t tweet a lot myself.
  • like love need music. It surrounds me anytime, anywhere, it’s a part of me. I used to DJ a lot when I still had a little free time. You can listen to some of my sets on MixCloud.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. — Aristotle

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