Stop focusing, you'll be more productive

I can’t stay focused on one thing for a long time. Without even realising it, I often find myself thinking about so many things unrelated to what I’m doing at that moment. And of course that’s especially true if I’m doing a repetitive task.

But surprisingly, I found it to be productive.

Since I let my mind wander aimlessly and relax, I start thinking about the projects I’m working on, but without the pressure of time and productivity. And that unleashes a kind of creative state of mind where I find inspiration to solve problems.

To free your mind, there’s nothing like focusing on a simple, fun and repetitive task. So, here’s a website that will help you do that!

Then tell me if you reached the end, and if it helped you relax and free your mind 🙂



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Stop focusing, you’ll be more productive

I can't stay focused on one thing for a long time. Without even realising it, I

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